Permaculture Experiences at O Fojo

The Permaculture Experiences at O Fojo are events of working, sharing and celebration, open to all those people is interested in Permaculture and community living and for those who want to share knowledge through working in agriculture, natural building and in various activities of rural life. This event was the first event, back in 2009, that Maurício Umann and Filipa Santos created to share the process of implementation of O Fojo.

With these programs, we create the opportunity for everyone to participate in the various phases of the process of implementing a Permaculture project. Working together, we can share our difficulties and knowledge, helping each other, to better understanding of what experiencing community is, in practice. Achieving the proposed objectives, we will celebrate the completion of a further step towards regeneration of nature and of our society!

The program of Permaculture Experience at O Fojo is flexible and adaptable to attendees and will be guided by seasonal themes, as the project implementation needs and rhythms of nature. We will share all basic daily tasks as the preparation and cooking of food, fetching water and firewood, maintaining the space and all the programmed tasks.

We offer our camping area, kitchen, compost toilet, hot shower and we share our experience!

Bring food to share according to the time that you’ll stay with us (seek to avoid/reduce the amount of packaged and processed foods!)

Bring your own camping material for you accommodation and don’t forget the boots and the working gloves!

To participate in Permaculture Experience at O Fojo do your registration! Mail us to with “NUMBER Permaculture Experience at O Fojo” at the subject bar.

Suggested daily donation: 10 Euro per day for the costs of preparation, maintenance and improvement of the space! With your support we can make this project sustainable, also, economically!

Other donations of any kind are always welcome! Please take a look at our wish list!

We count on you and your family in the next Permaculture Experience at O Fojo!