3500 ton small truck
Small auto caravan
Small caravans
Motorcycles (any type)
Small tractor (any type)
Bicycles (any type)
Wood crusher
Carpentry machinery (any type)
Any other quality tools (manual, electric or fuel power ones)
Anything solar! Panels, batteries, charge controllers, cables, leds, accesories, etc…)
Water heating solar systems! Panels, tanks, tubes, accessories
Rock, wood, insulation cork boards, sheep wool, tiles, bricks,blocks, wooden doors and windows, demolition floor tiles, wooden railway sleepers, metal, etc…
Gas oven embed, carpets, mattresses, blankets, sheets, dishcloths
Yurts, tepees, tents in good shape
If you have something you don’t know what to do with it and you think it can help us, please talk to us! We can maybe help you!
Any help is welcome! Please go to the donation section for all the information! Thanks!