Our Vision

We would like to share the first draft of our Vision for the next 5 years with you

We are an intentional community focused on the implementation and the operation of an Eco-Social entrepreneurship named O Fojo | Integral Education Center, in central Portugal. Organized as a formal association, this Living and Learning Center is designed to be successful social experience, ecologically sound and economically viable through this six areas of focus and business:

O Fojo Community

A functional international intentional community focused in creating experience on regenerative relationships and regenerative education, supported economically by the different areas of ethical business we are involved in. We envision to live a happy, non stressful, healthy and nature connected meaningful life.

Integral Education Center

A center for an integral regenerative leadership education and for the self realization of human beings. Permaculture, agriculture, natural building, bio-climatic and organic architecture, alternative technologies, personal coaching, practical skills, community and ecovillage design, circular processes, non violent communication, conflict transformation, decision making technics, group work technics are just a part of huge range of knowledge we want to explore by the time that also will include children’s activities and camps.


A nature connected lodging for the volunteers, event participants and pilgrims to rest in natural building cabins, yurts and camping area with all the facilities to make their time at O Fojo an unforgettable experience. We also intent to offer affordable lodging, camping area and food for the Way of St. James Pilgrims (Camino de Santiago), from pilgrims to pilgrims, starting next May 2016.

Healing Center

We are creating the facilities to offer different group practices and therapies like group circles, biodanza, yoga, massage, reiki and for sure, meditation. The sacred medicines will be a part of O Fojo’s range of offers to closed groups and we are open to external people’s offers to create events and healing practices.

Retreat Center

O Fojo will offer different spaces and facilities to rent to individual facilitators and their students, groups and organizations for their events and retreats. The facilities will include different pricing lodging, meditation room, activities and teaching room, office, kitchen facilities, sauna, natural swimming pool, showers and outside space for practices.


We are creating O Fojo Gourmet, a brand to offer O Fojo’s land’s and region’s products to the general pubic and to our visitors. We are going to have an online shop at our site and, at the same time, a small shop area at O Fojo to offer high quality natural and organic local products like olive oil, olives, teas, infusions, marmelades, hygiene products and all kinds of handcrafted articles.