Our Team

Maurício Umann

Maurício Umann, man, seeker, father, designer, Permaculture and Bioconstruction practitioner and educator. For the last 12 years MU has been making his pathway to a totally focused life in Permaculture and in 2011 he has made his transition from the workaholic urban businessman to the full time rural based Permaculturist.

Luca Arguir

Lucas is a young Romanian Permaculturist with lots of good things to bring to the Permaculture movement and he is coming to volunteer at O Fojo, by now, from March until July 2016. Luca is starting to give the first steps on his Permaculture Diploma. Welcome Luca!


Feijão (Bean) is a friendly and lovely free dog.


Chicken are nice and productive workers and they live happy here!

Volunteers 2015-2016

  • Flávia Sousa
  • Xavier Gaspar
  • Luis Gaspar
  • Lucas Nogueira
  • Pedro Mariano
  • Fabiana Santos
  • Rita Santos
  • Diogo Santos
  • Aurelian
  • Susie Wadham
  • Victor Vorski
  • Sandra Pinto
  • Evgenia Emets
  • Lisa Kiehn
  • Mia Martta Elisa
  • Luca Arguir
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